Eastern Canada – Markham, Ontario Tel: If at any time during the 2 years your AccuTab VI isn’t performing within specifications, simply contact us for an RA number. We will repair or replace your AccuTab VI should it fail any of these tests. Industry standard wintab driver for Windows 3. More information on pricing and licensing can be found at www. Autodesk has to have a pure Heidi Driver to use the mutiple buttons on the 16 button mouse. Existing End Users are covered under the settlement agreement.

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I open the CUI editor and look under the mouse button settings and sure enough the settings there correspond to the actions I get when I ggco to use the mouse, but the problem now is that no matter how I change those button assignments in the CUI editor, the mouse keeps performing the default actions.

Are you an AutoCAD user? Superior Data Integrity Guaranteed! All the gto for writing a new driver is in the manual. The pen dp, and it’s great for physical parts, but can be somewhat sloppy working with paper patterns where I’d rather have the mouse. Elastomeric keypad, rated life over 1 million actuations. After much cursing and banging of heads we finally got it up and running, but despite everything I’ve tried I cannot get the 16 button mouse working in AutoCAD Results 1 to 2 of 2.


Up to coordinate pairs per second. I should note that when I say the pen works, the pen tip acts properly left click but I cannot reassign the two buttons on the pen shaft either Cheers, – Dustin. Optional Htco Hold-Down Model only.

Call our support if you need assistance with this. See Important Note Below!

GTCO CALCOMP III 3648 Large Format USB Digitizer 36×48

The driver for the serial to USB converter must be installed as well. This includes coordinate resolution, measurement accuracy, repeatability, product reliability and system compatibility. The Rollup III is the worlds only flexible large format digitiser.

Eastern Canada – Markham, Ontario Tel: Get all GTCO manuals! TabletWorks is a WinTab. Digitizing Tablets for sale – Logic Group. As a ghco of the settlement, the version of the Wintab driver that GTCO CalComp provides for our digitizer products will no longer be available as of October 8, It is light Note: Every aspect of both the design and the production of an AccuTab II large-format digitizer gtcoo been engineered to meet one single objective—to provide the highest level of data integrity possible—guaranteed.


Roctek Construction, Estimating takeoff software, On Screen takeoff, Excavation, GTCO digitizer.

After receipt of the AccuTab II, we will measure its performance—including resolution, repeatability and accuracy. We do not believe the drivers infringe Mr.

Here’s where you can downloads Free! We will also send you a report verifying your AccuTab VI’s performance to specifications. Windows 7, Windows 7 This driver will not allow you to define the areas that are required. It has worked sinceand using c3d now. On tablet set-up menu negates old style switches. Logic Trace Cnc Dxf Software.

GTCO CALCOMP Drawingboard 6 24×36″ Digitizer and Software

Here is a link to find test. More information on pricing and licensing can be found at www. Summagrid V does not require a power supply and set-up is simple with easy-to-use tablet drivers.