Setting key ‘port’ to value ‘usb: Loaded ‘Universal Serial Bus’ usb: Now based on this new information, does this give you a better idea on what is causing this error, and more importantly how to get this camera working? Surely you did not just now install it?? Download it for free – -and be entered to win a 42″ plasma tv or your very own Sony tm PSP. If you followed the steps exactly, this kind of stuff is not supposed to happen.

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Don’t take it wrong. Loaded ‘Serial Port 1’ serial: But that is something which one does not know 89111 the problem is faced, and it is a problem which does not always occur, so one should not ever be pessimistic. And even proprietary compression codecs sometimes must surrender when persistently attacked.

But in your case the problem is obviously somewhere granrtech that point. It appears to be at least talking with the camera now.

USB\VID_&PID_ – ScanHex SXc | Device Hunt

Libgphoto2 just contains all of the data about how each camera works. Tame your development challenges with Apache’s Geronimo App Server.


Setting port info for port ‘Universal Serial Bus’ at ‘usb: And libgphoto2 is the library which lies behind everything, which tells how the given camera works. Net email is sponsored by: If this causes the camera to do anything positive, then one is on the right track. No existing driver supports this camera, unless something has been added to the libgphoto2 CVS tree since I last downloaded it, a couple of weeks ago.

In reply to this post by Martin For the webcam function i started a SANE vidcam backend, see this page: I haven’t used it in a while, not sure. You can configure it in the camera driver source pdc I’m not exactly sure who the manufacturer is but here are some websites about it: Free forum by Nabble.

First off, I noticed that when I execute “gphoto2” it is running from 2. Maybe if I run with the 2. Setting abilities ‘Polaroid PDC ‘ Don’t think I am acting superior. For some cameras we do gamma correction of some sort, for gdandtech we do not.


Therefore, you were refused the connection. Here is the output various gphoto2 outputs.


It would probably be a nice thing to brandtech the same version of libgphoto2 and gphoto2, but it would probably not stop your camera from working if you don’t. Very important, no doubt, and also a little bit of a pain in the behind.

Getting Clever CAM 360 working

So I ran it debug mode and here is the debug output. Setting camera model to ‘Polaroid PDC ‘ The big bugaboo is that one sometimes faces at that point an undocumented compression codec, which it is only possible to try to solve by guesswork.

An error occurred in the io-library ‘Bad parameters’: Thanks, -Martin [hidden email] wrote: Secondly, I noticed the debug line, 2.

Mu suspicions not necessarily in the order I list them are: Do we get to look at any pictures?