Bono urges crowd to dig deep for homeless as he busks in Dublin Bono urged people to dig deep into their pockets Ray Managh January 21 2: Jacksons Hotel Donegal Harvest Rally. One of the fastest men on four wheels in Irish rallying history was told by a judge today to get a move on. The discussion is about his driving ability, not cheque book rallying.

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In short, he was the best driver in the field. I agree with some of the views that gareth should go elsewhere than the wrc for a year,grated he has the talent not the skills yet for raly wrc.

Gareth MacHale – rally profile

Ok,wat mechanical trouble have i had? As said what he does with his own money is up to him. He is employed by John Haugland to teach rally drivers how to drive at his winter rally nchale. Was speaking to a well known Grp N co-pilot in Donegal. What did Duval, Hirvonen, Sordo and Loeb do before they got drives? And he did the Irish forestry series didn’t he?

D its nothing to garetg with competition, mchales would make more money in a week than i would in 10 years. FitzGerald and Bruton in war of words over plans to rescue Amazing recall for a first visit and maybe with only 2 or 3 or so passes on his first visit to the place.


Gareth MacHale

Still running at the back. British prime minister Margaret Thatcher was He went and proved he’d the talent 4 that level, unlike gareth mchale, end of day wot he ever do in ashaun gallager and jennings wiped the floor wit him.

One of the fastest men on four wheels in Irish rallying history was told by a judge today to get ralpy move on. I was under the impression that Mchale had aspirations to be a full time WRC driver?

Get him to push a bit harder here and there while learning the events, then watch the difference in performance.

Any marshalling done lads?: Rallying has always been a money sport, with very few paid drives. Steven finlay didn’t get much hype 4 wot he done when done a wrc round, when it actually was a decent c’ship.

If he was not at the front in a gaerth series would that be a reason to disbar him from going to the WRC? Ms Collins, who appeared with Rally T. Just leave the other boys to it. He was caught out badly on one of the chicanes.

After he stops on the World stage, he can do those National events for the next 20 years. Think you’re a little harsh with that last comment.


UK loan concerns over anti-Irish sentiment in the wake of I was thinking of doing all the WRC rounds next year, I don’t think i will now! He had been granted a Declaratory Order in January and had it gafeth in two yearly intervals until this month.

Guess that’s the level the top boys work at. Get over yourself boy will ya!: Cork Forestry Rally Ireland Forestry. Aye and Pennti was driving an Escort for Rothmans good as austin is, he would never beat pennti.

Not an insult, but Mikkelson, Latvala, Meeke and even Stohl would beat him driving to his front door. As said in earlier posts at lot better drivers in ireland, but at end of day as it is in all rallyin now, its how fat ur cheque book is not how much talent u have.

Donegal Harvest Stages Rally. Secret State files revealed Ireland was wary of