I rather doubt it will have changed from the version that worked with Win7 32though I uninstalled my windows 7 beta driver and installed this new driver after which I tried again to install patchmix 2. How satisfied are you with this reply? It works OK with PE 8. Find More Posts by Bubbagump. I never had any problems with Windows 7 so I removed Windows 10 and now i’m back in business. I may not bother with it.

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E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10

He goes on to say it should wok on all creative PCI cards. It takes you to a generic page.

He didn’t resolve my issue and he disconnected before explaining why he hadn’t been able to. Thanks, in particular, goes to Ritchie who uploaded the files for me, top banana mate!!! 1616k

11616m Never a problem with it, so it’s surprising to me that you’re having issues. Rohit Chettri Replied on August 6, windowss I started with XP32, then again with XP64 and used it that way for a long time with zero issues by making sure all my Windows files were up to date and all the drivers were also up to date for ALL my devices. I’m not a tech expert, but from this and other symptoms and imput from people who know more about this stuff, it seems totally like a driver problem.


But the wide range of E-Mu product owners have had varying results, with no apparent pattern. Wlndows card are available in your store. And to be honest I cannot hear the difference between it and my RME, plus latency with the drivers I am using is identical on both cards.

I have the same question E-MU has discontinued these products and all driver development. I uninstalled my betx 7 beta driver and installed this new driver after which I tried again to install patchmix 2. The last set of drivers were from and they worked flawlessly for me under Windows 8. It looks even there though.

E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10 – Microsoft Community

The hardware IDs for the card are as follows: JeroenMooijman Replied on August 10, The only thing I can think of is try downloading the Windows 8. I beeta 2 EMU cards and am looking at picking up one more as backup. I’ve been using the Vista x64 drivers with a m since Windows 7 came out without any issues.

So no Skype, no Audacity, no talking in webinars, etc. That’s why I’m getting a better quality sound card. I rebooted after each installation.


When one is doing the process of self-analysis, One should make sure that the Self that is doing the analysis is, in fact, sane. I than switched on the the microdock and all the LEDs got turned on, preety strange. Yes, if your m is like the m, it works with Win7 if you use the Beta driver. You cannot post new threads in this neta.

EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

Sorry to hear that but I get it. I have a pci working with w for 3 years. Find the card, right click uninstall and make sure to select uninstall device drivers if that option is presented meu it should for some of the entries.

Hope that works for everyone. So this works for me. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Check your matchmix DSP. Lot of work’ though He can’t get to the EMU site for some reason.