This gave me the following screen note the Sensor box and then I just followed the curtpalme Dummies guide. Hey, I guess I forgot about this thread because I was thinking it was new till I realized I had a post in it. As you can see the Xrite i1 DisplayPro sensor appears in the drop down list. I originally had it with a contrast of 60 which gives out about 27 ftL but the gamma was even worse. Share This Page Tweet.

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Calibrating & Correct Contrast (HCFR + i1Display Pro)

I did a quick measurement and noticed that with local dimming enabled, my temp had colorhfcr from k to somewhere between k and was very hot. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules.

My grayscale now is much more accurate. Entry Level Or Reference Projectors: Hopefully that makes sense and someone can help Most peoples results measure the 10IRE’s ftL higher, but my display is low. So I set it up to normal mode and adjusted. You can do a display refresh rate measurement in spotread using the ‘F’ key.

Colorimeter and HCFR DIY – Blu-ray Forum

Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Coloehcfr there a Resurgence? Initially, you start by collecting a set of measurements for your grayscale and color gamut. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Is there somewhere that shows the avg CCT? This guide came about as many of our curtpalme. Unfortanetly there is no such thing as a standart when it come to gamma, wel there is but it does not seem to be adapted in the post production.


Unfortunately, this PLUGE pattern and a segment to set this is one thing that ChromaPure is lacking, but when I gave this suggestion to Tom Huffman, he was very responsive to the idea, and it will be in a future version soon. Last edited by fairchild; at I couldn’t find the solution. The eye one can not accurately measure at all below. How does this compare to having an ISF Calibration done?

Delta Es are pretty good, rgb levels, color temp too. The order that ChromaPure leads you through your calibration is: Also note my 10IRE ftL measure is below.

The only plasma I ever adjusted before was my old Panny I gave my dad. I have tried installing it multiple times in different ways both local and user optionsbut no joy. Unfortunately as you can see in the attached graphs, when you save a graph inside of ColorHCFR, the reference measurement color is light grey on white, so they are a bit hard to read.

DIY HDTV Calibration Software Overview: A Comparison of ColorHCFR, ChromaPure, and CalMAN

Last edited by SammyB; at I tried to get source code with SVN to run in debug mode on my computer but I don’t have permissions on sourceforge to download source code. It is noted for coolrhcfr speed, high precision, and ability to measure to very low light levels.


Life of Pi You can see the greys in the color chart actually and the one’s that are way off are the 0 10 and 20 IRE readings.

For those who are considering doing this too, feel free to ask any question you have. How to purchase an open colorhcffr tape deck and what to do with it once you have one.

Now I have heard that the Eye-One can have problems reading colors on plasmas. Display the white clip pattern folorhcfr GCD – Set contrast as high as possible without white clipping 4.

What tv is this? However, this was a limitation of my CMS, and not the software, and hopefully more displays will allow adjustable Gamma points in the future.