Let’s hope ATI will provide better driver support for the Radeon. As a result, loads of Macintosh users can, if they like, buy a PC PCI or AGP graphics card with a perfectly serviceable Nvidia chipset on it, plug it into the appropriate slot on their Mac, and then just sit and look wistful, because it isnae goin’ tae work, laddie. Or just more 3D grunt than any of their mates’ computers can manage. The memory chips are rated at 5. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. The Radeon is a new Graphics Processing Unit GPU that combines all the features of nVidia, 3dfx and Matrox to become the “jack of all trades” along with a few more of its own innovation.

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If you haven’t got a 21 inch – or at least 19 inch – screen, then you don’t need a card like this. It’s a factory option for various current Macs; there’s even a version that fits inside the teeny Power Mac G4 Cube. That was not radeoj shabby at all. Log in Don’t have an account? There’s also a composite video input on the card for video capture purposes.

ATI Radeon R6 DDRF SD64Mb () –

These differences can range from simple things such as not having any software bundles or not having any TV output, to much more serious issues such as different memory configurations or lower operating frequencies. Once again, I have dedicated a separate page on this topic click the link above to read more about the Radeon setup and driver details. It bloomin’ well shouldn’t be, if you ask me, but it is. Click the link above to find out how it copes with higher bus speeds and the results with a faster CPU.


The only hitch was that its drivers only allowed it to work flawlessly in Windows If you’re looking for a top-spec graphics card for your Macintosh, a Radeon DDR is, at the moment, the best you can buy.

Packed with such advance features, it is of no surprise that Apple decided to soon equip the new Macintosh G4 with the Radeon, which is an upgrade to the present ATI Rage Pro. Radepn, the card is pretty impressive, with a silver heatsink on the Radeon chipset. Just as a quick refresher, this 0. The Radeon runs really cool! It generated so much hype that it sold by itself.

And, again, the same applies to the current Nvidia boards. So ATI don’t quote clock speeds.

Oh look, it’s everyone’s favourite Hyundai! Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Rage s are another card type that I don’t recommend, not because they’re rubbish but because Nvidia boards are cheaper.

I am not sure if these are the full shipping drivers but as you will see later, these ‘Alpha’ drivers performed quite well in our tests. The Mac variants of the card just have a plain heat sink; this board has a slimline heat-sink-and-fan cooler.


Driver – AMD Radeon R6 MDX | Community

This content has been marked as final. It is able to output high quality TV signals from graphics display modes ranging from x to x with full support for legacy VGA modes as well as the newer, low-resolution game modes required by Microsoft Rdaeon.

These are all Nvidia chipsets, you might note. Which was just the situation in my test. AFR’s purpose was to allow each chipset to render alternate frames separately. And you can wind up the core speed considerably more on just about any Radeon – MHz isn’t out of the question.

ATI R6 DDRF SDM64MB AGP RADEON 7200 SERIES Free Driver Download

In addition, game developers will need to fully utilise the Radeon’s capabilities before we can fully gain what the Radeon has to offer. The difference isn’t a huge one.

You can pump the core speed up quite a lot, but there’s not much point to it without a magic spell to increase the RAM’s bandwidth. Sd64mh I gave it a whirl anyway. The game would work perfectly sometimes, and at other times failed to execute correctly. Software players work on any old video card.