In the United States and Canada, and a couple of other countries, we use Tx lines. ISDN has to use xDSL technology because all communications that deliver digital data right on your doorstep without modem intervention has to use that. An E3 is 16 E1 lines, or Digitnet Plus seems to be 2 to 30 channels, all in 64 kbps increments 1 channel increments. It was originally conceived to serve organizations with more than one phone.

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One no longer needs to be tied to a desk to send e-mails, to surf the Internet or enjoy the comforts of digital telephony. All other OCx lines are direct multiples of OC1 lines. I reread my posting ascon I thought it was maybe strong worded but definitely not intended to be that way.


Digitnet Plus seems to be 2 to 30 channels, all in 64 kbps increments 1 channel increments. But the individual parts of sidn package also satisfy the highest of technical requirements. It was originally conceived to serve organizations with more than one phone.

Between these packets are plenty of empty moments in time-space. T1 is not used in South Africa.

Well Omdem know some one who work at Saix. The danger lies in those whom demand Point to Point services. Tharaxis Senior Member Aug 19, There is a big difference here. Add to that you have to invest in a firewall at least the hardware if you use Linux ADSL is aimed at the small business and home user.


Put plainly, Ascom voo: Tuesday January 09, The Bern-based Ascom group says it has moved a step closer towards connecting people to the Internet through the electricity supply. You must log in or register to reply here.

Diginet is much more suitable as a business service for businesses that transfer huge amounts of data more or less continuously. However, because not only speech can be transmitted digitally, the technology adcom expanded to cover cordless speech and data transmission via ISDN.

ISDN Network Termination – NT 1

The pricing ratio between DSL and Diginet seems way off. Small business computers not the Microsoft definition of 50 or less PC’s I do not think the ADSL offering is overpriced – comparing it to international pricing it could be argued that it is, but remember where we are. This means that a dedicated asom international link will cost you R omdem the bandwidth only!

Joined Aug 6, Messages As for the reliability, when you buy into Diginet or any “guaranteed” bandwidth system you’re buying into that guarantee. I have worked for a big Telecomms company in the past and I have seen a lot of what our belove Service Provider is capable off.


The xDSL technologies mostly refer to what you get in ascim local loop, i. And the software for PC fax, PC telephone, answering machine and the Ascom configuration manager is just as convincing.

That gives it a combined bandwidth of 1. Neuer Inhalt Horizontal Line.

Swiss firm pioneers Internet access using electricity supply – SWI

Thread starter DarkHelmet Start date Aug 18, I also appreciate you pointing out the flaws in some of my arguments, you are extremely knowledgeable and I am glad you have joined us here. Sign up for our free newsletters and get the top stories delivered to your inbox. This content was published on February 20, The reason is that with this T1 you get a I will make an attempt in this week to do so if possible.