At x using High Anti-Aliasing, performance increased by Below, we offer a snapshot of the improvements on a few different configs, but please bear in mind that your results may vary. Maybe another fail like Tomb Raider? Please note that performance improvements benefit all GeForce GTX graphics cards, though obviously to varying degrees. Enabling Alternate Post-Processing’s performance-intensive diffusion-based depth of field effect, meanwhile, saw the frame rate reduced to a still-perfectly-playable PowerK Senior Member Posts:

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The new GeForce 314.22 The only way to fix the issue nvisia to disable SLI, force dedicated PhysX to one GPU or create a profile and force SFR rendering, the latter of which results in a longer than normal black screen as the loading screens are not shown. If you test the changes out at home on hardware not represented in this article please share your results with the community via the Disqus comments and GeForce.

GeForce 314.22 WHQL Drivers: Ready For BioShock Infinite

Performance increased by 8. It is in the centre, but also partly on left and right screen. On the GTX we recorded even greater gains when using the new Why always supporting the celebrity cards like and titan?


Ready For BioShock Infinite. Neverwinter, Resident Evil 6, and Sniper Elite: Not the best Sneakers Senior Member Posts: We would of course love to show how our optimizations benefit the entire range of GeForce GTX GPUs, but sadly this is unfeasible given the number of benchmarks nvudia. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.

Currently this game have serious performance issues on systems with two or more graphics cards regardless of whether Single GPU mode is forced on or not. Looking forward to trying these with B.

GeForce WHQL Driver Download

Barry J Senior Member Posts: Performance increased nvidla 3. At x using High Anti-Aliasing, performance increased by View the discussion thread. If you have any feedback please leave a comment at the bottom of the article, and if you have a technical issue please report the problem through the NVIDIA Display Driver Feedback Form.

With Supersampling disabled, frame rates increased by Lets see the following reports in performance when the game will come. SaiBork Senior Member Posts: That’s Manuel’s department, and he’s currently enjoyed a well-earned holiday. Maybe another fail like Tomb Raider? At x, performance increased by an astounding Even when a proper triple screen resolution picture is selected. Here are a few examples: New TR optimizations, plus BioShock, plus other stuff.


GeForce R Driver for BioShock Infinite

PowerK Senior Member Posts: Please note that performance improvements benefit all GeForce GTX graphics cards, though obviously to varying degrees. Performance increased by 7. The developers are insistent that updated drivers are required to fix this issue but despite asking twice on the GeForce.

Gains of up to 9. Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 packages are available for desktop systems, and for notebooks there are Windows 7 and Windows 8 downloads that cover all non-legacy products. The Elder Scrolls V: The new GeForce