Over the years, I have tried to move away from the Kinesis design; mostly in order to have a cheaper and more mobile setup. Kinesis has gone a step beyond simply adopting a matrix layout in the search for the perfect ergonomic fit. The Pro model also allows for longer macros and has a memory locking switch to prevent accidental reprogramming of the macros. Kinesis Computer Ergonomic Keyboards. However, this is a very subjective opinion and there are definitely people that will prefer one of the other options—or for some, the intended use may prove the deciding factor.

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Ever since that keyboard, it has been downhill for Apple keyboards, the chiclet membrane attack started with one unusable keyboard after another. This further helps prevent users kunesis fully bottoming out when typing.

It took me a while to realize why my attempts to go back to a more standard keyboard were doomed. Y keys, but I could not get over the difference in size between the buttons keyboadr I found that my right hand was traveling too much as compared to the left hand.

Kinesis (keyboard)

As a touch typist, I measured my current typing speed on my current typing setup:. The way I overcome this problem is buying a gel wrist pad that keeps my palm elevated and using a reasonable keyboard like the Logitech K where the keys are not too depressed like the Apple chiclet keyboards but is just lower than your palm.


The first hour or two with the Kinesis keyboard was the hardest. The top row of keys, including the escape key and function keys, are small soft-touch keys with membrane dome switches.

Kinesis Advantage KBUSB-BLK Wired Keyboard | eBay

Kinesis is a long-time purveyor of ergonomic keyboards with mechanical switches. All Kinesis keyboards except the Essential support the capability to re-map individual keys.

Early impressions of the Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard. I spent several agonizing months in trying to migrate to the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard after my second Maltron developed yet another dead key, but I kiinesis never get comfortable with it.

First invented in for Kinesis, this Advantage keyboard switch helps prevent the user from fully depressing each key. The Kinesis Advantage also comes with self-adhesive palm supports that you can use to reduce bending of the wrists.

Kinesis Classic Contoured Keyboard”. Simply arranging the keys in columns eliminates the awkward finger contortions that are such a fun part of touch typing. More comfortable typing and no more wrist pain.

Near perfect I have nothing to say about this keyboard except good things except for the FKeys which are terrible. It is still easily reachable, but it keybooard not as easily accessible as the other keys in the iinesis panel. The on-board programmability, which has always been a selling point is much also much keyboafd.

However, this ergonomic Kinesis keyboard still has a smaller footprint compared kinessi traditional keyboards. Kinesis had just launched a newer version of this keyboard, the Kinesis Advantage 2with improvements to the onboard memory and the ability keyboxrd easily switch back and forth between modifications. There are ways to control the speed of replaying the macros as well, I have not explored them quite yet. I flirted along with many different Microsoft keyboards, among them the natural elite:.


I was lugging the keyboard back and forth between home and work.

In fact, one of those colleagues was traveling overseas with it when he was attending a conference. It simply keeps your wrists farther apart while you’re typing and helps your forearms and elbows stay straight. A bold blue sculpted home row on each Kinesis contoured ergonomic keyboard panel helps you get used to using this keyboard.

Logitech K Wireless Keyboard – Black However, you’ll quickly notice the difference the ergonomic shape makes by reducing the strain you feel when typing. I am thoroughly enjoying the tactile feedback this keyboard provides. All that is fine, but the real question is: Kinesis Advantage Matrix Key Layout.

This keyboard feels the same way.

Mini 3 Colors Backlit i8 2.