Special care should be taken, however, to note that trade associations are essentially meetings with competitors, therefore, ANSYS employees should: The payments should accurately reflect the amount, recipient and approval of any approved payment to a public official. Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities ANSYS conducts its business on the basis of the superior value of products, technology and services that it sells. Our Company is committed to remediating any substantiated issues, and employees are expected to fully cooperate with Company investigations. Intellectual property includes, but is not limited to, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, and trade secrets.

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Your personal interests and relationships must not interfere or appear to interfere with your ability to make decisions in the best interest of ANSYS. If you are aware of a workplace violence incident or a potential threat, you must immediately report such conduct or statement, either to your supervisor or manager, the Human Resources Department or the Legal Department, or to the ANSYS Ethics Line.

ANSYS strictly prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance in the workplace. In addition to the Code, if you have questions or concerns, or need advice involving business conduct or an ethical dilemma, ANSYS has a variety of reporting resources available to you.

Mergers and Acquisitions In many markets, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are regulated by anti-competition authorities. We have made all the arrangements including paying for his site visit. Employees who conduct business outside the United States should carefully review the Anti-Corruption Policy and consult the Legal Department for further guidance. Gifts of symbolic value such as trophies and statues that are inscribed in recognition of a business relationship may be acceptable.

ANSYS requires that individuals be considered for employment opportunity on the basis of merit, as measured against objective job requirements. Internal Controls Internal controls are systems and processes that combine policies, authorizations and procedures with proper accounting and management tracking.


This reporting is designed to ensure that business operations are properly managed. We continually face the risk of intruders getting into our network to access sensitive information.

it-al541 It is a violation of this Policy to divide a transaction into two or more smaller transactions, or to split an invoice, to reduce the level of required approvals. The success of ANSYS depends upon the ability of the Company to be agile, while remaining in full compliance with all governing laws, rules and regulations.

However, whether the Company is doing business with the U.

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The prohibitions against insider trading apply to xl, tips and recommendations by virtually any person including all persons associated with the company if the information involved is material and non-public. Sometimes it is easier for me to email confidential documents to my home computer so I can work on them at home.

ANSYS employees should not use information that was obtained illegally or improperly, including through misrepresentation, invasion of property, privacy, or coercion. Examples include knowledge of acquisitions, divestitures, new product launches or financial information.

The Compliance Team will also periodically assess the Program or its component parts to ensure the efficacy and implementation of the Program. These laws and regulations often include specific compliance and reporting requirements ranging from minimum wage and benefit obligations to equal employment opportunity and small business subcontracting requirements, to the identification of the country of origin for products sold.

ANSYS is committed to compliance with all regulations concerning anti-competitive behavior and it is the policy of ANSYS to comply with all applicable anti-trust laws and regulations. We are in the mids to f contract negotiations. The Board it-wll541 Directors or a committee thereof will periodically receive a report of all such alleged violations it-wk541 the outcome of the inquiry or investigation thereof and shall have access to all reports prepared regarding alleged violations of the Code.


I am a member of executive management and my son has Q: I it-w,541 received an email from a customer that was not intended for me. Examples of acceptable gifts include a logo pen or t-shirt or a small gift basket at holiday time.

Price fixing involves any agreement among competitors that tends to raise, lower or stabilize prices or rig bids. Ensuring ethical and responsible behavior by ANSYS employees around the world is the responsibility of every Company employee. The Compliance Team will determine whether a conflict actually exists based on the circumstances you described and provide you the appropriate determination.

If you have any questions about anti-slavery or human trafficking laws, please contact a member of the Legal Department.

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ANSYS employees should take all necessary precautions to avoid the unintentional disclosure of confidential information. When in doubt, stop and seek advice, and be sure that every transaction you record is accurate. Similarly, ANSYS does not condone and will not tolerate any misrepresentation or misidentification of financial and reporting data.

In a business as widespread and comprehensive as ours, with partners and collaborators from all walks of i-wl541, maintaining that reputation requires a demonstrated commitment from all of us. The Company uses disclosure controls to manage the dissemination of business information. Here are some general guidelines to follow in those situations: