Battery-optimized performance mode for balance between performance and battery life when operating on battery power. Control Panel says no audio device, so it won’t let me enable the speaker icon, which makes sense. The battery pack is an internal power source to the computer when the AC adapter is not available. Weight includes battery and optional travel bezel. Optimized Flexibility with Optional Features With the Ultrabay , fast and easy hot- and warm-swapping of many components gives you the flexibility to configure the system.

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The AC adapter also charges the battery pack when it is installed in the computer.

Drivers For Free – Ibm Thinkpad T21 Audio and Sound Drivers

PC Cards which do not support the power management function may cause the shorter battery operation hours. The winmodem is basically supported in a binary only driver. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. In this mode the MHz speed is reduced. Requires Internet access, available separately.

These systems have been designed for compliance with the IrDA Infrared Data Association data link specification version 1. Message 1 of 5.


Enabling bus mastering for device Just tap the TrackPoint to speed icon launches and help reduce keystrokes. Message 5 of 5.

Some software may differ from its separately available version if availablet1 may not include user manuals or all program function. The keyboard has a “Fn key” which is a special key and is located in the lower left corner. Dual Display of LCD and an external display is also supported.

Product Life Cycle Dates. The reference t221 includes safety information, product description, and general information about system functions. Hot plugging of serial mouse is not supported.

Actual playback speed will vary and is often less than the maximum possible. See our Sustainability Report.

Individual application support for this feature will vary. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it. Message 3 of 5. Optional hard disk drives are available from IBM.

IBM T21 sound in DOS

For example, a ThinkPad system should not be used in non-stationary environments, such as in-vehicle installations, without additional casing or shock-dissipation. Battery optimized performance mode for the best balance between performance and t1 life when operating on the battery. GB when used with hard disk drive capacity indicates Million Bytes.

Accessories Li-Ion battery pack: No specify code is required to order the default optional feature. Options such as memory, port replication, and docking are available.


The IBM ThinkPad T21 models computers are convenient to use and carry, and are a general business solution for the mobile, field or desk oriented professional. Infrared sensor — Provides a wireless connection to devices, such as other notebook and desktop Personal Computers, via IR, that are equipped with the proper IR transceiver.

My T21 lacks audio drivers – Lenovo Community

The descriptions of these programs were obtained from information made available by these companies to the general public. The battery pack is an internal power source to the computer when the AC adapter is not available. ThinkPad Computers 19K is an optional publication available for a fee.

Special Feature Codes — Chargeable. Maximum performance mode for top performance while connected to AC external ghinkpad using the AC power adapter. Hardware Requirements Not applicable.