Wide angle adapter, extended warranty Date published: We do think that any user would benefit from the inclusion of zebra-stripe indicators and a built-in neutral density filter, especially given this camcorder’s propensity to blow out highlights. Effective area for motion pictures. Sharingyour experience with us has been invaluable. JVC, inventor of the ubiquitous VHS format, has done it again, offering an innovative high-definition consumer camcorder that is the first of its kind. Bundles that include this product.

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JVC HD1U Camcorder – Black

These programs offer merely rudimentary postproduction tools. So for half the price you get this amazing camcorder thatgets the job done.

We ended up speaking and arguing with it seems like a million different reps on this issue, and the only way it was resolved was I happened to get a manager on one of my calls and he took care of the h1d this by far is the only highlight to this purchase return experience.

Relatively large at 3.

I mounted a light on my camera and shot in auto mode anddidn’t have a problem. The shutter speed and aperture are linked and not independent, but I have only had my cam two days and have learned to work around that already. I Picture Intra Coded Picture. The footnote with the same number in brackets provides additional information regarding the details in the specification table.

This is a serious piece of professional eqiupment with a die cast aluminum chassis.


JVC Gr Hd1u Camcorder – Black

Unfortunately, the color subtlety and latitude–the ability to handle a range of brightness without blowing out highlights or losing shadow detail–aren’t nearly as impressive as the resolution. You may want to know: Trending Price New. Because of its JVC original signal processing circuitry and driving system, it can record multi-format high-quality, high-resolution images.

There are no menus to set and no gamma modes or interlacing options to fool with. My only real gripe is ud1 somehow I got dust under thelens, and had a pixel go bad on the sensor always on gt Ihad to send it back to hx1 serviced couldn’t screw the lensoff and just clean itand it has taken over a month tocome back.

Hybrid Complementary Primary Digital Filter Hi-Def color purity and discrete reproduction allows you to see full detail without being obscured by lowresolution color smearing. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field.

JVC Gr Hd1u Camcorder – Black | eBay

Capture is intuitive and the MPEG-2 is very close to as good as it gets. On a brighter note, JVC will likely please consumers with the HD1’s variety of special effects, Webcam functionality, and megapixel photo mode.

There are many confusing flavors of HD, so you might think that shooting with an HD camcorder would be complicated.

Just flip this switch on the left side of the lens to shoot in any of the four available modes: Users can freely select among the 3 modes according to their requirements.


Web-Camera Function Communicate via web-camera by running third party applications such as Windows Messenger for teleconferencing, video phoning, webcasting or surveillance.

Audio signal recording; PCM Digital recording.

The HD1’s most notable feature is, of course, its ability to record high-definition video on MiniDV cassettes. Varizooms do not work with this camera via the editing cable.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Focus ring has worked fine for my purposes.


While not as responsive as mechanical controls, the rings worked adequately in our tests. It has left a very negative taste in my mouth. The frame rate is 30fps output on 60i, with increased sensitivity. Certain effects may not available. MiniDV format, the defacto standard, is widely available and affordable compared to other formats used in professional systems, and by using a common cassette mechanism with DV, it is possible for the camcorder to offer regular DV recording as well.

In SD mode, the camera shoots at the same resolution linesbut shoots 60 progressive fps 60p at a true On screen display is possible. Its just for pretty much pitch black of course your going to get a little noise.