I think you’re wrong that GPS reduce your cognitive load. I think that frees up more of my attention to focus on other aspects of driving: Same if I rented in Indianapolis and drove to Champaign Il.!! Arizhel on Feb 27, Newaygo, Michigan, United States. Our world-class, innovative services are trusted by leading OEM’s and Tier 1 customers, globally.

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Etak realized that digital mapping was not just an exercise in codifying public spaces and residential addresses.

How Etak Paved the Way to Personal Navigation

Never heard about this system before. I rented in Philadelphia P. Picture driving a snow plow in the California sierras in whiteout conditions. The original Etak units always had the map oriented with north at the top.

Stan Honey is third from left in the back row. Naturally, they started with data for the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s extremely distracting trying to find a location in a place you’ve never been.

The whole thing is the size of etakk soda can. The team needed a rugged way of storing the map data for the navigation computer to use.

Truly big cities like Chicago are impossible to navigate. For folks who are “bad at directions” this may help them fix that deficit.


He’s won the Volvo. With that in mind, Honey decided to call his new company Etak, which is a Ggps term for moving navigational reference points. I wish modern cars which already have all the necessary sensors would use this method as a fallback, since GPS reception is not always available.

By the end of the race, Honey had the rough design for a system and a promise from Bushnell to bankroll its development. Together with teams of digitizers, they turned public domain paper maps into digital models, using scanners and custom digitizing software. If I look up where I’m going in advance, or use written instructions, I can generally backtrack to my origin without too much difficulty. Only the Bay Area of California was initially available, followed by rollouts for other major metropolitan regions.

Due to poor management and the video-game market crash, his once-promising Pizza Time Theater business filed for bankruptcy, forcing eta, sale of its subsidiary, Sente Technologies—a firm prized by Bushnell as a potential source of video-game innovation in his post-Atari career.

PATH’s magnetic marker guidance system provides guidance information. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Theory and Applications gls, Bradford W. Arizhel on Feb 28, It’s usually ftak by a small margin when I reach the end of the tunnel but everything syncs once the signal is acquired again. egak

Who Needs GPS? The Story of Etak’s Car Navigation System | Hacker News

During hps, Etak boiled the system down into two variants: Like Asteroids and Space War which came earlier etka vector graphics monitors used a magnetic deflection etaj with a feed-forward compensation for the inductance of the coils and curvature of surface for X and Y.


The worst is when a poor signal is combined with road-snapping – I’ve had a lot of trouble with off-ramps on partially submerged urban highways, the I-5 in downtown Seattle, for example. Naturally, they started with data for the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m not surprised because someone just did. However, this was in an era of conflict between the U.

Email etakk friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab. Stan Honey shows off his creation in a photo. This is stated in the article. After nine days without much sleep, Bushnell collapsed in his room and slept for 15 hours straight.