The other twotools are described as follows. Please choose the language to start the configuration. You have now successfully created the print queuethat your print server will serve. You have added the network printer to the PCsuccessfully. Page 88 The list is the scanned active wireless stations. Generally, the channels are from1 to 11 in USA and from 1 to 13 in Europe.

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Please refer tosection 7. Page 95 Step 2: Re-type Password, enter the password you want tochange to the print server again.

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However, special attention must be paidto the dangers of electric shock and static electricity when workingwith electrical equipment. The Administrator Installation procedure is totallycompleted. We have developed the print server to support NetWareprint server. Printer Type, the type of printer attached to each printerport. The print server periodically polls the NetWareserver printer queues for printing jobs. AppleTalk is a data communication protocol often used byMacintoshes.


After you have set the wireless function, 33207u removethe Ethernet cable and then re-plug the power jack of the printserver to activate the wireless connection. Guide You Through All the Settings.

Press Enter to select the newly created print server.

Edimax 2 USB 2.0 + 1 Parallel Ports Print Server PS-3207U Leaflet

This utility isautomatically installed during Windows AdministratorUtility installation procedure – refer to section 3. Please refer to Chapter 7 forthe detail instruction of the configuration. Server Name, the name of the print server.

Select Print Server Configuration. Relieve the need of a workstation running the remoteprinter utility. Tell us what’s missing.

The wireless channels are differentfrom country to country. Password, enter the password you want to change to theprint server.

Mode is the operation mode of wireless station. You can set up the IP address on the various Unixsystems using any one of the following methods: Enter four key values by following the rules below andselect one key as the default key.

Other network userscan simply connect to the server and access the sharedprinter see below. This information will be displayed in theSNMP management tool.


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Reset the print server to have the changes takeeffect. The default values are asfollows.

The list is the scanned available access points. Tell us about it.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Note that before you upgrade the firmware please makesure that the IP Address settings of 327u print server are inthe same network as your computer.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Page 86 In the Edimx mode, you have to let the print serverassociate with an access point. Page 68 Lines should be indented with tabs. The new remote print port is displayed as follows. Run Remote Ports Utility.

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