This wonderful little DAC is also great for tweaking not only it allow for easy opamp rolling but also easy tube rolling. Personal preference and system synergy will dictate one’s ultimate preference here, and I suspect systems with more tubes in the signal path will synergize better with DEXA. Melody Maker were so utterly right — the album was an alt. I found myself to somehow be more immersed within the performance, part of it yet still an observer. There is no headphone jack, and a remote control option is not available at this time. Now he lives in Berlin.

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Srajan Ebaen Financial Interests: Raytheon brought its usual refinement, balance, and clarity, proving once again its well-deserved reputation.

For example, big drum hits; we not only hear the initial attack and the resounding enclosure of the e,ectric, but you hear it easrern off like a real drum would and not get chopped off as per usual. Of course, rolling in a different tube is just the beginning of Wayne’s mod.

The difference was miniscule, ninimax least with the CD that was playing. Burson discrete op-amp gets rid of cac effect to the point I found myself easily transported into the music with relaxed neck muscles. Deep articulate bass with silky extended highs. I didn’t find the DAC either forward or laid back, another unusual observation.

However, since the EE DAC Plus also tends to lean in that similar direction, the combo was perhaps a bit too much of a good thing in this instance in this system. So why would anyone want to use something like this? Also provided are a phase inversion switch and an analog volume control for those who might want to use the DAC straight into a power amplifier.



When pumping up the volume with rock, ordinary op-amps grow more tiring with increasing volume, to the point one does not dare turn the volume up any higher. Once again, the neutrality sword is double-edged, but dxc can be a useful tool for those who know how to season their system with many different spices.

With its four digital inputs besides the USB input you will be covered using just about any source on the market today. A 12au7 tube was employed in the amplification stage not just as a tube buffer for a true tube output. We will continue to engineer the most musical and affordable audio components that are available today.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Review

Discrete Op-Amp Rolling Burson Discrete Op-amp If one thought OPA was expensive, Burson discrete op-amps are an order of magnitude more expensive, not to mention the massive size compared to the ordinary op-amps. Even recordings that are usually a little dull and low in detail come alive with these op-amps, which present break-neck speed and much more defined, detailed images. I listened to each album in its entirety as I base my impressions on my emotional attachment to the music, how easily I can goosebumps and how easily I can get to a place where the music just flows over me in waves rather than having to actively listen and analyse.

The Mullard tube has a pleasing tonality with a very significant soundstage, good depth and decent bass. I therefore had no desire to try putting it up on cones. Nonetheless, I could hear some things going on that gave me a healthy glimpse of the goodness to come.


If the unit is on, the tube is on. Both John and Bill said the tube circuit and it is a separate circuit, not just a tube buffer tacked on the front does not make a profound difference.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

The Eastern Electric MiniMax is a young wine all lemon zest and orange peel. In fact, the solid state stage came across as slightly elwctric pure and transparent in my system, but the preference could easily run the other way for systems with less tubes. That said, variations among the three DACs were relatively small on the grand scale of things in the audiophile world.

I played CD after CD, amazed at how great the music was portrayed.

eatsern We love the fact that you must agree with us by the glowing reviews and feedback the Eastern Electric MiniMax line of mijimax has received. Another important attribute of the EE DAC is its ability to accurately portray tonal colors and timbre. As implied, Burson comes across a bit richer and meatier while DEXA seems a fraction more airy, sparkly.

LME followed by OPA in the circuit seems to strike a nice balance in terms of musicality, tone, detail resolution, density, and speed. Needless to say, very highly recommended…. When I contacted him about modding the DAC he was very enthusiast about the project. Bill tells us we’ll get the first one in the US.