The Dell Inspiron m has been on the market since October , but, like the Inspiron m, it has managed to maintain its popularity. If you can answer these questions first, we can take a look from there, and if I have confused, just ask and we will try to help you find the answers. Typing is a breeze. Now that I have given you some choices to bewilder you, I’ll leave you to think about them a bit, and do let us know what you want to do about the multiple sites entries, if that is you. The m looks just like a shrunken

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There is a downside to this type of display.

For those reasons, I would highly recommend this machine. Battery test results 8-cell battery: Thanks for your patience with this Linux newbie Angel. I needed something lighter that I would be able to travel with to and from school, or to places such as the library. Xell is what we call a ” ‘buntu-based” Distro. Before trying etcher I decided to give it a try with an older USB drive why not?

If you have any questions about this machine, feel free to PM me. AOL, jukebox, ultra-media-centric-super-dooper-garbage-photo viewer are just some of the titles available for you. The only program I kept was the DVD viewer.


Whatever they have then will be much more sophisticated than the 2. Seeing the laptop is a 32 bit Luckily, there are two of them, so the speakers are decent, but by no means will these replace your 5. I like to keep my system very clean, with only the essential stuff installed, like Firefox, Picasa 2, Zone Alarm, and usbb anti-spyware solutions. Those are all the cons I could think of now. It allows taking snapshots and easier partition resizing But I’d like to know your opinions before I proceed.

Subjectively, the machine is quick.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

Its competitors offer similar features for a much steeper price. The machine gets a little warm where the processor is.

700j If there were no extended battery option, I would not have bought this laptop nor would I recommend it to anyone. So, now that it’s all clarified, which should be a good first Linux to me? This laptop runs quiet and cool.

Anyone here installed Linux on Dell Inspiron 700m?

That link friend arochester has provided looks quite useful, albeit has a lot of old content, Uzb might bookmark that, thanks arochester But Angel, that 1st comment or question, there, in Discussion appears to be you, is that so?

Overall, the keyboard is usable. There is nothing special with the speakers. Ddll was a pretty good deal- there was a graduation promotion that saved me a few hundred dollars. Luckily you have this amazing forum. Plug in your USB.


Make sure you configure your touchpad to do all the stuff the buttons would normally do. That is a bit laptop, and there is nothing that I need to save in there.

Only once did they send a technician over to replace a hard drive in an old machine, so that 700, nice Usually, their phone support people are pretty clueless.

Dell Inspiron M Specs – CNET

I have no experience with Linux but I want to learn to use it. It was annoying, but after I changed from the Sigmatel audio drivers to the Intel ones, it was gone! Seldom will the fan come on to get rid of the heat, but it lasts for around 5 seconds. Discussion in ‘ Getting Started ‘ started by angelmpbJan 4, I am from Australia, so it may not be me who answers next, but good luck Cheers Wizard.