Expand the SequeLink 5. Start the DataDirect SequeLink 5. Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy. The file extension of the backend ODBC driver depends on the operating system:. Using environment variables to enable tracing means that you do not have to modify your application.

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Enter the setting for the environment variable.

Specifies the host or data store user name, which may be required depending on the server configuration. When set to 7 the initial defaultoutput parameters are returned after all of the above. File data sources are data source files that can be stored on a file server, making the files available to any user who seqielink access them.

We strongly recommend that you do not configure an ODBC translator and rely on the native SequeLink transliteration between server and client code pages.

SequeLink® Client for ODBC Quick Start

This attribute uses a bitmask with ssequelink following options:. The location of the. Returns the current number of connections in all pools associated with the process. Specifies the name of the database to which you want to connect. To run the program, type example and follow the prompts to enter your ODBC data source name, user name, and password.


If you specified a value for the attribute when configuring the ODBC data source, datadirecct value is your default.

When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is turned off. Type the name of a server data source configured for the SequeLink service to use for the connection, or click the In the Service Name field, type the service name you want to use for datadirec new SequeLink service. Note, however, that if the Persist Security Info connection string option is set to true, the password will be displayed in clear text.

This attribute is only required when the SequeLink service you are connecting to has been configured to limit access to specific applications. The numbers in bold superscript are note indicators that correspond to the notes listed in “NOTES” following the example. By default, Setup installs a sample odbcinst. This option is provided because some applications cannot handle database qualifiers. To configure the file data source to retrieve connection information from an LDAP directory, continue with the next step.

It allows you to:.

SequeLink Bridges for ODBC, JDBC, & OLEDB – DataDirect Connectivity

A network connection is established. The Logon to SequeLink Service dialog box appears. Click OKand close the sladmin54 window. Use the administration tool of your choice to create a new service.


This is only valid when the rowsize is 1, but RDO uses a larger rowsize in this situation.

The connection pool is closed. Double-click Administrative Tools on the Control Panel window. Because the minimum pool size is five connections, the Pool Manager creates new connections to satisfy the minimum pool size.

1 Using the ODBC Client

Register the SequeLink Service and click Finish. Enter the setting for the environment variable and its value. Specifies the data store user name, which may be required depending on the server configuration. The default is to register the service, which makes the service information available to the operating system.

The Properties window appears. Once DataDirect Spy logging is enabled for a connection, you can turn on and off the logging at runtime using the setEnableLogging method in the com.