BJT Wiki The current gain is a good thing because in order to charge the gate capacitance of the FET in a short period of time you need high peak currents: Please, could you to supplement the question, adding a plot to Vb right side of R2? The pull-up resistor will have to be sufficiently small in value so that you get an acceptable rise time for your application. Please post it as a new answer. Sign up using Email and Password.

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Media New media New comments Search media. An OpAmp has following drawbacks: Yes Bill thats about the size of it Without R4 and R5, the shoot-through current would exceed their maximum drain current ratings. That will bj the transistor off quite quickly, even if it was in saturation. If you think this is a high side driver you will be unhappy with it.

I would like to find a higher voltage transistor, but TIP is all I can come up with for the moment. This kinda makes up for the extra BE drop. Your two circuits are not the same but Help with this totem pole mosfet driver circuit.


It seemed to work but I’m not really very familiar with the way it works. I did not do bt simulation, but from what I could verify visually, the Vce voltage, when Vclk high, is aproximadamete 0.

The solution is the AB-class amplifier.

I’ve experimented with different arrangements, with resistors and capacitors. That is approximately 0. Its offset starts at about 2V and increases with input voltage to about 5V.

BJT Totem-Pole Power MOSFET driver (Low side) – How and why? | All About Circuits

This requires a device that can move a boatload of current very quickly. HatimB 2 8. Posted by mushahid in forum: Why do you even need a driver circut? Q2 is hevily overdriven.

That determines the wanted drive current. They are pretty different, and there is no relation between them. Given how nonlinear they are bkt tend to be used quite effectively for digital designs, stuff that is either one or off but not between. As a matter of fact, the configuration shown here, even if complicated with emitter and collector resistors, is a well-known source of distortion when used in audio amplifiers, because it has a “dead zone” around zero.


bjt totem pole | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

Emitter follower may fail to deliver cutoff voltage to it due to Vbe. Would it be possible just to use an opamp instead? Gate capacitance of your transistor is pF typical and threshold voltage is pols.

Bill, we went over that FET in another thread.

bjt totem pole

Am I correct with these asumptions: Sep 13, 9. I thought Q1 would bit it up to 12V, but I’m obviously wrong: Any tweaks we can do on the same circuit to make it more faster. It is absolutely required. Sep 4,