Call the drive manufacturers for compatibility with other drives. The fan cable and connector may be different according to the fan manufacturer. This completes the installation. Cooling system type Cooling system type X. All hard disks are capable of breaking down at any time. Pull the lever toward direction A from the socket and then raise the lever up to a degree angle.

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Motherboard specification Biostar N68S3 Ver. 6.x

Memory Modules 8 1. Remove all expansion cards except the video adapter. Power Motherboard power jack Motherboard biostat jack. Power LED does not shine; the fan of the power supply does not 2.

Requires twice the available disk space for data redundancy, the same as RAID level 1. Ethernet Ethernet controller presence Ethernet controller presence. This will reveal the malfunctioning card. Make sure correct information is in setup. Audio controller presence Audio controller n68d3 X. Video controller presence Video controller presence X.


Select Software Installation, and then click on the respective software title. Triple-channel PCI Express mode. Depending on the platform.

System only boots from an optical drive. Before you start installing the motherboard, please make sure bilstar follow the instructions below: RAID 1 provides a hot-standby copy of data if the active volume or drive is corrupted or becomes unavailable because of a hardware failure. Audio controller type Audio controller type X. If the system video adapter is an add-in card, replace or reseat the video adapter.

Motherboard specification Biostar N68S3 Ver. 6.x

Coaxial output on the back panel Coaxial output on the back panel X. Ethernet controller model Ethernet controller model X. Audio scheme Audio scheme X. Optimizes for both fault tolerance and performance, allowing for automatic redundancy. Dual-channel PCI Express mode. Minimum 4, and maximum is 6 xata 8, depending on the platform. RAM Triplel-channel mode support.

Biostar N68S3 – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM3

Back up data and applications files. Reset your desired password or clear the CMOS data. Ethernet speed Ethernet speed X.


Wi-Fi type Wi-Fi type X. You will see the following window after you insert the CD The setup guide will auto detect your motherboard and operating system.

Clear the CMOS data. Plug in the power cord and boot up the system.

Video controller model Video controller model X. Fault tolerance is maintained by ensuring that the parity information for any given block of data is placed on a different drive from those used to store the data itself.

Re-install applications and data using backup disks. Seven-channel PCI Express mode.