After a shot, you examine the CaddyPatch and look for the tell-tale mark, then you comb the mark away with the velcro brush. Close the imprinter door in the direction of the arrow. Confirm that the reference plate has been turned over and is locked in position. This is the version of the Adrenaline runtime that is shipped with VRS 4. Note, that if you need bar code recognition , the VRS 4. Replace the roller modules more often if you find that cleaning inside the scanner no longer improves paper jamming, slipping, multi-feeding, marking and similar feeding problems. I have Crysis 2 installed on my D:

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Loading Portrait Loading Landscape Paper limit mark Please ignore by clicking OK in the Sentinel dialog box.

Data Studio serial numbers are presented here. Page Close the Exit Bhh. Be sure that all parts are present before installing the scanner. Change the scanner settings back to black and white, simplex or duplex and scan one document.

Trūper 3600 Rotary Scanner

Place the special shading paper in the feeder tray in the Landscape position, then click OK. Press the power button to the OFF position. Page Paper jam. When the setup is complete, click Finish.


To install the files in a different folder, click Browse and select a different destination, then click OK in the Choose Folder window. Select View Manuals on the installation Main Menu. The shading adjustment data with the black reference is created. This code is supplied on a small 2-sticker insert inside the box.

After entering this information, click ” Add to custom color ” button. Insert the lower pins into the guides located on the bracket.

Specifications Support Related Products. Appendix 4—Adding Memory The scanner package includes 64 MB of base memory installed on the interface board. Sentinel is a licensing utility for VRS. Why haven’t you switched? New File and Compression Format Support If you are using VRS with an ImageControls-based scanning application, you now have access to this expanded lineup of image storage and compression formats: VRS performs areal-time, multi-point inspection of the images created as documents pass through a scanner, identifying and correcting any impairments that could impact ICR’s and OCR’s ability to read them correctly.

A really cheap alternative is covering practice balls with talcum powder, or chalk. Warning Before using the roller cleaning paper, please read these instructions completely. Page To disable a dropout color: The module will be released from the magnets located in the ADF door assembly. Sometimes an installation process simply goes wrong or an update is applied incorrectly.


Page 33 Click Install Software. To maintain scanning quality, clean the scanner components frequently: Read the license agreement and click Yes to accept the agreement. When starting your scanning application, you may be requested to select a scanner or a scanner source. From the hardware point of view computer networks differ because of the physical media used to transmit their signals.

Click Next to select the default folder for program icons. How do I clean the rollers on Kodak Truper scanner?

Truper : Kodak Alaris : Information Management

Some dyes are, but not limited to- crystal violet lactone. Serial port logger can log up to serial ports at the same time. Repeat steps 7 to 12 for the additional colors that you would like to add.