With the number of available Bluetooth phones and accessories, it would be nice to see Bluetooth added as standard equipment for more laptops. For those not familiar with them, CardBus slots are used for adding various peripherals—usually communication devices, like an aircard for mobile internet or Bluetooth for wireless peripherals. Frequently the touchpad caused the cursor to jump around, making precision movements nearly impossible, with small random motions when you put down or pick up your finger. Light and powerful Metal casing Good value Runs cool Cons: Some nice features in a small package with a reasonable price tag.

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Averatec D1133 All-In-One PC Desktop

The videeo speakers built into either side of the chassis are not the greatest quality, but on par for laptop speakers. Key travel and size are within the standard margins, and the tactile response was textbook feel for a good laptop keyboard.

The consistently held four out of five bars of signal on the XP connection status while my Inspiron only held two at the same 11 Mbit speed. Towards the rear on this side is videi attachment point for a security lock. Set to minimum power management, the same test took 2 minutes and 49 seconds, barely longer than the result on battery power.

Averatec Review (pics, specs)

The Inspiron automatically switched back to the closer and more powerful signal, while the stayed connected to the second AP. Despite having a similar clock speed to my 1.

There is one more battery-related issue I have encountered. Not bad but not great for that kind of usage.


The placement would imply that the was designed with an optional extended battery in mind, since sticking out the back would be the best place for such a thing. While a metal case is far from immune to drops, nicks, and averattec, it lends a more durable and reliable feel to the already very positive build-quality of the machine.

To that end, my main testconsisted of moderate web browsing over wireless, burning two DVDs at 2x, and running the screen at full brightness. Visit our network of sites: In any event, I have no idea what made it have a fit. The biggest downsides of the are the poor graphics adapter and a short battery life. For those not familiar with them, CardBus slots are used for adding various peripherals—usually communication devices, like an aircard for vudeo internet or Bluetooth for wireless peripherals.

Far from glossy or polished, but not quite textured or anti-slip.

Trigem AVERATEC laptop video card drivers

Placing your finger on these lets you use them to scroll up and down a web page or document without having to averatrc the mouse cursor to the on-screen scroll bars. I would have preferred one or two front USB ports for temporary things like flash drives, and one or two rear USB ports for more significant or long-term attachments like mice, docking stations, hard drives, dongles, etcetera.

While running on battery power, the result differed greatly depending on the level of power saving that the system was set to. One is that it seems to have a slightly bluish cast to it. A couple of times now I have left the unplugged and asleep, reactivating it a couple of days later to find the battery dead or nearly.


Thelike many slim laptops, offers only a single CardBus—a. I found the touchpad on the to be rather flakey. Although it runs aberatec a clock speed of 1. Doing these things, I managed 1 hour and 53 minutes of use before the system hibernated and would not restart.

The VGA aveeatec connection on the is substantitively unchanged from the VGA monitor connection on any other hardware. Headphones on the left, microphone jack on the right.

First up is a 56k v. Standard keyboard, touchpad Battery: Since there are a vast number of variables in how much power a vido draws, I decided that rather than try to comprehensively test it under all conditions that I would base my tests on some approximation of normal to heavy usage. More like a possible Fast and bright plus small battery equals short autonomy.

All the keys are crammed into a single large rectangle, virtually all of them the same size and same spacing. While trying to burn one of my Ritek G05 DVD-Rs it spat out a coaster, avreatec the second one it failed to burn the lead-out.