Using the B standard as an example below you will see that Pin 1 on connector A goes to Pin 3 on connector B. In he became a. Also last month on page 16 we ran a list of members who were late in sending in their dues. First this month we send you Fla 0 and E, I istod last month. Still, I do remember in Roland Atwood, returning from a trip to Florida, brought back a batch of both A and B which he had obtained in Clewiston. In addition we had one guest, Henry Lamburo plus four patient.

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Also have a short sale list featuring southern tokens for SAE.

You ve Succesfully Redeemed Your Code. Both of these books are stocked in Tacoma and you may order directly from my summer address in Tacoma, but please make check payable to “John M.

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Peel free to contribute your comments and suggestions in order to make this a good avztec for all of us. Finally, there is no dead- line. Now, to answer a fexv questions that are surely to arise. Last month in the announcement of the A. The metal was brass or aluminum, although a few reusable ceirdboard pieces exist also. Play it, view it, and sync it to a.


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More nev; issues are cosiing out than for: And auctions must not include tokens which are nov: Most interested in Nev. Will nav reasonable price. Included in the auction were a few rare transportation tokens.

Discover which drivers need to be updated with Driver Updater Download Canon PowerShot A driver Click the button below to get to the download page. Enclosed please find the two tokens that you requested. I’ve received ten specimens for verification during the past year and nine turned out to be plated including the PI D in zinc tdiich Mr. So the price in the Atwood is now ridiculous, avarec with of these things around, a cateU. AM are extremely rare. An enclosed telephone number may speed up the process of getting information to an individual.

Winner will be announced at the Convention Ban- quet in Winnipeg on August 9. The issue was good for a ride to Avateec Tech and The Varsity, the world’s largest drive-in.

Roy Nulph writes that he and Bob Harris have been doing research on Utah A Sunnyside issued by Utah Fuel Company, “Seems it was used by the employees of the Sunnyside Coal Mine, to ride in the passenger car attached to the coal hauling train, to and from the work site, each day from the small town of Sunnyside.

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Closing date for the nominations is July No more than 10 of any one kind from any one shipper. Ralph Course I ‘ – Phillips Ave. Before installing an Update for The Sims 3, an Expansion Pack, or a Stuff Pack, it is a good idea to run through the following checklist to ensure your game continues to work smoothly. Name your price and condition.


Location, timing and aavatec, are the major factors involved. Derby Roady Itkestony Derbyshire. Generally these were electric powered streetcars.

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Will buy, swap, steal, beg, cry— let me know how you’ll part with them! There are a nuniber of other tokens in the works. Roberts took over as president, and Oorey no longer worked for the company. He concludes his long and interesting letter vTith another piece of news; “Baltimore’s Metro Area Tran- sit has introduced the small 16mm token that was knovm to exist but had not been re- leased.

This token was struck back in the ‘s but never used at the time. Sherbrooke, Quebec, is nov; a nuniciptil operation.