Then plug in the router and wait 1 minute. Since I have deleted the ATI , obviously my desktop settings have worsened and my screen is waving when I move down or up. In your wireless utility does it show your wireless connection and are you able to connect? Thanks very much, I am posting the device manager. This should detect the correct drivers. Now I just need to fix my wireless connection.

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With video, I am still struggling to download the mb file I am getting the first one on the list in VGA, is that right? BB code is on. Once you have a look at my device manager and know what else is neededI would highly appreciate any help from your side. Full specs are as follows: There are a few to choose from.

I dont see any read me file in the downloaded files. Hi, Did you download the wireless utility console under utility tab?


Also, please be sure to uninstall any driver you did install before you install a new driver. This should detect the correct drivers. The wireless connection says acquiring network address. Any more help please? How can I find the right driver for asux computer? Do you think I should uninstall wireless console and the driver and do it again? Here is how to post a screen shot: Some MS updates are needed to install the drivers properly. Nothing has changedit is really frustrating, maybe I should call Asus support.

Many thanks in advance.

Is the driver not right saus is it something wrong with my config? What could be the reasons for this communication? The wireless detects the connections but cant connect saying acquiring network address. Current Temperatures Take II. It started running rapidly indeed. I have looked on the net but could not find any.

Asus F5 F5r Graphics Video Drivers

Yes this could cause your video problem. The time now is Yes I did download the wireless console first and installed.


Uninstall the wireless card driver and then install the wireless utility console. I fixed it with making a few changes and cleaning up. But then I started deleting unwanted programs and accidently deleted her ethernet controller driver and the video driver. I cant seem to understand why the drivers are not working.

I have no idea what I did but now the laptop is again very very slow. wlndows

ASUS F5R Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

I fixed it with making a few changes. Computer powers off in sleep mode How can I fix this now.

Thanks for the reply. Where do I find the drivers? What is your wireless setup?