Default configuration changed so that e. There was a race condition that caused Sonar to crash on occasion. Add ability to recover from surprise removal of USB audio devices. IP addresses, and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable. With the information I have received, I have been able to implement a much better workaround.

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The driver is intended to be hardware wsio meaning that it is agnostic when it comes to whether the sound card is a branded card from Creative or another popular manufacturer.

Should we update, amend or make any changes to our privacy policy, those changes will be posted here.

ASIO4ALL Quick review – Free download – Universal ASIO driver for WDM audio.

USB audio devices that were blocked by other audio applications would have been flagged as “beyond logic”. Fixed a rather universwl synchronization issue that could have lead to audio pins intermittently being flagged “beyond logic” even though they were working just fine. More changes to the automatic latency compensation still work in progress.

Improved Direct DMA mode restart behavior.

What is this for? Fix another theoretical bug in the x64 audio startup code. Update This Privacy Policy was last updated on: Add system tray access to control panel and status indicator. If the overload condition does not go away, uniiversal will be even more silence.


It is broken in too many instances and may have caused funny and not-so-funny things to happen with onboard HD audio devices.

Fix a4apanel64 crash on exit not that anyone would have noticed. Add workaround for a number of ill behaved host applications. If the localization effort turns out less than useful i.

Please refer to the first question in the list for that matter. Log Files Like many other Web sites, www.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver

Fix minor graphics glitches in the control panel with WinXP modern themes. In this case, two phantom inputs are created, because some applications seem to require this. Audigy LS now works with inputs enabled also. If you don’t know why you would need an ASIO driver then chances univeral that indeed you don’t need one and came here by mere accident.

The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp. Why does it not work with Win98 Gold? Hardware buffering would consume insane amounts of CPU time with the beta 1 on some systems. This is entirely beyond any driver control. Privacy Policy for asio4all.

This Driver is designed for user with W What makes you think that calling ASIOoutputReady asynchronously is going to help matters in any way one can think of? Notably did it not work at all in 64 bit mode before. Windows has a built-in generic USB audio driver that works with most devices.


Further, you may have ended up in a situation where decent latency figures were achievable 48kHz, but severe crackling did occur at WaveRT devices not detected if Compatibility Mode enabled for the host application.

Mono inputs are converted to stereo, such as to not confuse hosts that assume channels to always come in pairs.

In order to avoid duplicate work, please do not send unsolicited translations! Email me updates Report broken link Report spam Report new version. All the little things that I fixed during the last year and which to document I “forgot”. There are plenty of axio4all drivers that are better than this one but they are not universal which is why this driver is so great.