It is surprising to us all that it would take such a long time for Intel to find an optimal solution for its darling. The board is meant to be an overclocker board, without any fancy stuff and instead an extremely attractive price tag. It has all the integrated features you could wish except from RAID, and the overclocking possibilities were acceptable. Yet, there are a few minor misses, which keep the grade away from the great results of BH7. Since all cards are based on the same chipset we are expecting very similar results among the boards, and the actuall differences will probably mostly be because of the differences in clock frequency. On the backplate we find the standard connectors for external units, audio and network.

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You can find a picture of these and the four 4 USB connections on the next page. Usability is an important element. Not as much as Abit offers but more than 1. Apart from this Alioth PE is a very complete motherboard being sold for a very attractive price.

Completely without the slightest hint of integrated features Abit BH7 does not stand however.

Keep in mind that the target group for this board hardly is extreme overclockers using peltiers, so the lack of space is not much of a problem. Sure, it has USB2. We look at the amount and usefulness for included accessories and integrated features.

Probably enough for most people but we would have liked to see up to 3. Alioth PE falls back and places itself behind the steady second place champion BH7. If the memory banks are open they almost hit the AGP slot, and if you use memory sticks with heat sink it will be really tight in there.


Alioth PE is the only board in the test which has Firewire connections. Admittedly it is far from the extreme but it should be more than enough for those who only want to give their system a little push. There are no hidden memory multiples, the DDR is aloith fastest option available to us. There were no jumpers, which could enable the board to identify the CPU as a FSB, and therefor our maximum overclocking is also the highest FSB we have gotten to with the board.

The tiny differences that actually are there may partially have been caused by the varying FSB rates but that is nothing you would notice at daily usage. The table below illustrates the most important aloth for you who do not have the energy to read the text.

These black small aliotu are situated here and there on the board and does actually not spoil anything except for one place. We compare price with equal products and also accessiblity among retailers. The ATX-contact is on the other hand very well placed, just at the border of the mainboard.

The structure is very good and after having navigated around in the BIOS a couple of times a homely feeling sets. Next to them the Floppy interface. And what is one of the basic demands for good overclocking potential? Overall it is the Jetway board which has won the most tests but this partially depends on that the boards acual FSB is 1MHz too high and therefore it has a gain over the other boards.


Jetway Alioth PE specifications

The board from Shuttle is the cheapest of all in this roundup and the specifications reflect the price. The ATX-contact is placed on the upper right corner of the board. BH7 has five PCI-slots which compensates the lack of integrated features, you have the space to install all kinds of additional boards. Even the AGP voltage is adjustable and the values for it is between 1. Surprisingly akioth Shuttle differs from the rest and takes the lead. There is a lot of space around the socket except for the upper side where mentioned condensers are.

Apioth contact between the heat sink and the northbridge is very good and overheating is nothing to worry about as this board scarcely is designed for the overclocker. The ep cooler differs a lot from the other boards in this roundup.

Apart from this the layout around the socket is very good. The PCB is in black alioh silver to show the consumers that this is a “limited edition” board.

i845PE Roundup

Alioth PE aliioth not exactly what you would call an overclocking board, even though the mainboard did surprise us somewhat when we started looking around in the BIOS. Jetway Alioth PE is the card getting the best score in this section which comes as a bit of a surprise.

The overclocking gave a couple of extra hundred 3DMarks and also a whole lot of extra memory bandwidth.