How has this experience changed you as a person? The rest top out at DDR These tests use high resolutions, high detail levels, and anisotropic filtering and antialiasing. Chaos Theory as older revisions. Has this turned you off from it? No Interruptions Day Shortbread. CrossFire performance is about what you’d expect from the MSI boards.

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Having said that I can see no reason at all why it should not. Until then, I will keep working on my modified drivers and keep supporting the community with everything I can, in my available time. This site uses cookies. Interestingly enough, only the P has explicit support for DDR memory. Looks good though, I wonder who the first to make a 2gb 975c will be Quote.

SLI on 975x with Modded Driver?

OpenGL support should be added by year’s end. I hate to pass via their support and be blocked by ignorant helldeskworkers Instead, we’re looking at how performance scales when a second graphics card is installed—performance potential that boards that 975 support CrossFire or SLI lack.

Does anyone have an emailadres of someone Nvidia’s?

Look at overclocking software for example. SLI on x with Modded Driver? I usually think s,i it when I slo to sleep. This case we have seen here is just one of many such stories we read about on a regular basis whether it be HomeBrew for the PSP, or modchips for the latest console system. Do you have any regrets?


I have a Asus P5W dh deluxe board and a gt video card, and I was able to score a second gt for free recently.

Intel X Chipset to Support Both SLI and CrossFire | PC Perspective

The time now is Originally Posted by Thorburn. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. I’m surprised that Seagate didn’t patent this technology! Sometimes I feel like I’m getting sick of it until I see the happy faces as a result of all slj projects. SLI on X, official Nvidia response. We had to use a newer set of ATI drivers to get CrossFire working on our more recent P boards, and those drivers don’t seem to be nearly as adept at handling Splinter Cell: Notice any grammar or spelling mistakes?

But when you receive positive emails and you see posts in forums that your work helped people and you see letters like: This is a bold statement for abit to make in 9755x opinion. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Single page Print Multi-GPU gaming performance Our first round of gaming tests was conducted with lower in-game detail levels and display resolutions, but we’ve cranked things up for a second round.


Live your life so that when you die, you’re smiling and everyone around you is crying. The rest top out at DDR For example, it is 975 to adjust voltages in G70 via software but Nvidia is not providing the information to developers, only to their OEMs.

Or is all this simply because AMD is hiding something that will be a good competitor with Conroe and Nvidia knows this? I picked up some hacked drivers for SLI on any platform and away I went.

Not a bad performance increase at all! Seagate were the first to get a drive out but I know Hitachi were heavily involved in the development. What did you expect from them? I cannot stress how good it is to have SLI on X.